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Online Markets are crowded with Web Agents / Brokers selling car rentals at attractive low prices. While this has boosted online business, customers and car rental companies are facing the
  • Minimal Information:Customers have minimal information about service providers furing the booking
  • Brokers/Web Agents' High Margins:Due to high volume of online bookings, agents are able to negotiate low price from car rental companies and in-turn mark-up prices by 17-20%. This is leading to minimal differentiation among service providers and resulting in price wars
  • Minimal Branding/Marketing Opportunities:Selective service providers are promoted based on low rates
Travel Auto Addresses the pain areas by providing the platform for connecting customers directly with service providers
Customers shall know more about service Providers and make bookings with preffered service provider. Travel auto is not a booking agent so it does not alter prices quoted by car rental companies and collects fixed transaction fees from service providers, irrespective of type cars and rental duration
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