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Rent a car in Turkey

Want to explore Turkey cheaply and make the most of your time and experience? Are you looking for cheap car rental Turkey to keep your expenses down no matter the time of the year? We at Travel Auto have some of the best cars for rental in Turkey to help you move from one part of the country to the other. we believe in giving you the tools that will make your travelling easier and convenient and our rental cars are designed to help you achieve this without spending all your money on transport. 
Whether you are looking for the best car brands in the market or the cheapest options on the road, will offer you the best deals possible. We have SUVs, Toyota Prado, Mercedes Benz, Ford Figo and Mitsubishi Lancer among others. All our vehicles come at the lowest price no matter the brand and duration of rental. You can take advantage of car rental Turkey on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis thus giving you the power to do all that you need without missing anything out. You can plan your trip such that you will visit Hagia Sophia in the morning and Basilica Cistern in mid-morning before hopping to Golden Horn in the afternoon.
Just enjoy yourself and end your day with a visit to Galata Towers in the evening. Unlike taxis, you do not have to pay based on the miles you travel. You also do not have to contend with the problem of public transport not heading to your favorite spot. With Travel Auto car rental Turkey, you will always be the boss of your own itinerary. You can save even more with our car hire Turkey by booking early and via our website. Just compare prices and book now!
By taking a car for rent can avoid hassles regarding public transports. Tourists can have their privacy if they have their car. There are many car rental companies in Turkey. Most of them offer free one way rentals in most of the cities. Some of them offer discounts. Most of the rental companies take very less amount as deposit before hiring. They will be having many models and people can choose the model they like. The rental price depends on the type of the car given for rent. Minimum age requirement for taking a car for rent and driving is 21 years and driving license should be one year old. Otherwise, they can not drive the car in Turkey.
Before hiring a car and driving people need to understand and know the basic traffic rules, speed limits in Turkey. If passengers are having any doubts regarding driving in Turkey, they should make it clear before taking car for rent. 
Requirements for Car rentals in Turkey
Everyone is not allowed to take car for rent in Turkey. There should be some requirements which need to be fulfilled before hiring a car. All the documents must be in order and minimum age should be 21 years and the car which is being hired is of costly model then age should be 27 years. 
Documents required are
A valid passport which should have Visa and Nationality. 
A valid credit card for paying rental price. 
A valid driving license at least one year old for inexpensive car models. For expensive cars it should be 2 years old. If the driving license is of a major country then international permit is not needed otherwise the person needs to have international driving license also.
Extra cost for additional driver is needed. There is an exception for UK  car hires where there is no need to pay extra price for additional driver.
People need to carry all the required documents along with them while driving in Turkey in rental cars. They need to note down all the important help line numbers so that In case of any accident or problem they can call the police or any help line number immediately.
Rental companies will also provide insurance. The cost of the rental includes this insurance cost. Most of the car renters include liability insurance in their rental prices. Other insurances they provide are collision insurance, headlight, glass insurance, personal accident insurance and theft insurance. Under these insurance, if there is any damage or theft to the car, the customer need not pay the liability charges for the damage as it is covered under insurance. In case of severe damage, he may need to pay small amount.
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