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The capital and the biggest city of Bahrain is Manama. At present approximately 155,000 people are living in this city. Here you can find climate of topical desert type. The Muharraq International Airport is situated in Manama and daily flights are coming here from London, Delhi, Singapore, Karachi, Bombay, Bangkok, New York and so on.

You should aware before renting a car in Manama

Do you want to rent a car in Manama? Or are you thinking about renting a car to enjoy your vacation and for that reason you want the best deal and also cheap on that? The procedure of renting a car is very simple and easy process, but if you think very deeply, then you should be able to save a great deal of money on this. You should keep some tips in your mind when you are renting a car from a cheap car rental in Manama.

There are different things which come to your mind when you rent a car, but you must do beforehand are
1. Prioritize your need – After completing your vacation planning, you should fix your mind that what type of car is the best for you and your companions for the journey.
2. Prepare a list – After an in-depth searching of the internet, you can able to make a list of cheap car rental companies, which are matching your exact need.
3. Information gathering – You should collect info regarding cheap car rental companies as much as possible.
4. Compare the offers – After collecting all information you must compare their facilities and tariffs which they are provided, like discounts, amenities and so on.

If you proceed in this way, then you will be able to save a good, lucrative amount of money and you will get the best deal for your journey.

In Manama, it is one of the best options to rent a car to explore an exotic journey. It is very economical deal to rent a cheap car from a cheap car rental company, than to hire a car in Manama. If you are feeling some uncomfortable about the routes and roads in Manama, then you may get a GPS facility by paying some extra money to the car rental company. On the other hand, you may collect a map of that area and you can easily explore the city with a hire car. At this time, you must to have a driving license which is internationally approved. Always keep in your mind that, you should read and understand all the rules and regulation of the car rental company.

Taxi Here taxis are very expensive. If you do not want to rent a car, then it is the best option for you to hire a taxi. There will be added extra fares with the charges if you are starting from the airport for 2 Dinars and any hotel for 1 Dinar. It is advised to every traveler that they have to use a meter; otherwise it is guaranteed to get ripped off. It will cost 5 to 6 Dinars to take a ride in the central parts of the city.

Unique Option to Ride Bicycle

The bicycle is not popular in Manama. But some hotels provide rent of bicycles. In Manama there is no path for bicycle in the city, but bicyclist can ride bicycles on the pavement.

Weather in Manama In Manama, you will experience the climate of arid and it is a climate of extreme condition. In the summer season the temperature rises up to 48 degree centre grate and in the winter season the temperature comes down as 7 degree centre grate. In the winter season sometime you may experience the hail at the rare chance.

Places must be Visit

1. Corniche al-Fateh – It is situated on the east coast of the Manama. Here you can find many fun fair rides for kids.
2. Museum of Pearl Diving – It is one of the most historic and popular buildings in Bahrain.
3. Bahrain National Museum – This museum is situated at the Al Fateh Highway.
4. Al-Fateh Mosque – It is one of the biggest mosques in the earth. It can accommodate more than 7000 people. It is one the most attractive tourist spot in Bahrain. Its dome is the world’s biggest fiberglass made dome.

Do Some Enjoyment

Dolphin Watching – you can take a boat to watch playing Dolphin in the Gulf water. Daily three trips are organized for tourist to watch Dolphin. Scuba Diving – Scuba diving is organized by Al Bandar resort and Bahrain Yacht Club. Pearl Diving – Manama is also famous for pearls. You may take part in pearl diving. Manama attracts a huge number of abroad people who come into this city. The one third population of Manama is basically coming from abroad. Many nightclubs and bars are operating and alcohol is legal in Manama.
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