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Bahrain is situated in the Persian Gulf and it is a Middle East country. Bahrain is famous for its Arabness as authentic manner. Bahrain is the smallest independent states, among of Persian Gulf states. Bahrain’s weather is a tropical desert climate.

Airport of Bahrain

Bahrain International Airport is located in Muharrag, and it is just east of Manama. This air base is well connected with other regions and London. This airport provides a unique duty free shopping for those who are waiting for flights. Air Arabia, the low cost airline, provides regular flights from Sharjah. Another low cost flight Rotanajet provides three days service in a week. Flydubai also provides more than one regular flight from Dubai International airport.

Option for Bus

The Saudi-Bahraini Transport Company provides 8 buses regularly from SAPTCO bus station. At the rush time, the buses are faster than private cars because they can use other lanes at customs and immigration. You may avail many other bus services which operate on the island. Bus fares are comparatively low, but without air condition.

Option for Car

Bahrain is connected to Saudi Arabia by the Causeway of the King Fahd which is 26 km. long. In the causeway there is no leaving of tolls. If you are a Saudi resident then you do not need to pay any charges for visa stamp due to immigration from Bahrain. If you are a tourist or visitor then you have to pay 5BD/50SAR for visa stamp due to immigration at the airport in Bahrain. The Limo taxi of Bahrain is SABTCO. It has basically four seats to carry. It provides service for prices starting between BD30/SR300. The main thing should be remembered that tolls are basically included in the fare of limo and taxi.
Some important Tips, when you are going to Rent a Car in Bahrain

With many visitors and tourists prefer to hire a car rather than using conventional taxis. The business of car hiring is booming in Bahrain. However, a tourist should be aware about what type of car he or she is going to hire. Here are some tips which are very helpful for you to rent a car.

1. There are many companies which are providing car rental in Bahrain. So you should go through some internet research about this topic. It will give you some first hand information.
2. You should prefer to hire a car from highly recommended car rental companies.
3. Always looks for economical deals, when you are hiring a small car or economical car.
4. The most important thing to remember that what kind of car you are going to hire and always stick to your requirement.
5. If you are going to hire luxury car or any high end car, then always press for the higher discount to the car rental company.

These tips should be remembered when you are going to hire a car in Bahrain.

Interesting places in Bahrain

Bahrain Fort – Bahrain Fort is located at the northern shore and it is 10 minutes drive away from Manama. Here admission is absolutely free.

Abu Mahir Fort - It is situated in Muharraq. It has another name and that is Muharraq Fort. It is a famous place in Bahrain.

Arad Fort – This fort has been renovated by the authority and now cultural events are regularly organized here. The Fort of Sheikh Salman bin Ahmad Al Fateh – This fort is situated in Riffa.

There are lots of museums in Bahrain, for example, Al Oraifi Museum, Beit al Quran, Bahrain National Museum, Currency Museum, Oil Museum and so on. There are a lot of famous houses are situated in Bahrain, for example, Al Jasra House is situated in Al Jasra village, it is a unique example of architecture of Bahrain. The Bin Matar House is situated in the island of Muharraq.

Fun time

Bahrain’s largest annual event is the Bahrain Grand Prix race of F1. This event is organized every year in the month of April at the Bahrain International Circuit. Camel riding is one of the most exciting games in Bahrain. Football is one of the famous sports in Bahrain. The national football team of Bahrain has participated several times at the Arab National Cup, the Asian Cup and also this team played to qualify in the famous tournament of FIFA World Cup. Apart from these games Rugby, Horse Racing, Basketball is very famous in Bahrain.

Climate in Bahrain

Bahrain possesses a climate of tropical desert. In winter season in Bahrain is very dry and the average temperature of daytime is below 70sF, and in nighttime temperature will be below 50sF. Late spring and late winter are known for the famous dust storms in Bahrain. The summer season is very muggy and hot in Bahrain. It is sometime possible that someone can get to heat stroke when someone is swimming because of high level of the shallowness of the water.
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